Report Corruption App

Report Corruption is an initiative from Anti-Corruption Establishment Punjab (ACE PUNJAB) to eradicate corruption and create deterrence for public servants and their accomplices involved in criminal misconduct and corrupt practices. This application provides services at doorsteps to the Citizens to report corruption and provide evidence of corruption with or without disclosing their identity. 

Privacy Policy of Report Corruption App (RCA)

What Information About the Users Does Report Corruption Application collect?

Any person can report corruption issues against Government officers/ officials which come under the ACE as per rules.  There are 3 types of complaints a citizen can lodge.

1. Complaint

2. Report Corruption

3. Trap raids

Tracking no is given to the complainant only while lodging the “Complaint”, so he can easily track the processing of their complaint. 
Security Measures

If someone wants to hide his identity and report corruption, he can use this app and report corruption and corrupt practices. This app intends to empower citizens of Punjab Province, Pakistan to exercise the right of monitoring the government projects and services by using their cell phones. 
Is User Information Shared?

No information is used or disclosed until it is required to contact citizen. The data provided by the complainant is only visible to the Admin of this Application and only shared when needed.