The history of ACE, Punjab can be described by the following periods:

Before 1956

There was only a small Anti Corruption Cell at Provincial level headed by a Superintendent of Police under the Home Department, Government of the West Pakistan.

1956 to 1961

After creation of One Unit, the Directorate of Anti Corruption Establishment West Pakistan was set up in June-1956 under the administrative control of Chief Secretary, with three Regional Offices headed by Superintendents of Police at Lahore, Rawalpindi and Hyderabad. The Establishment made a good start and maintained a steady progress. The Establishment also made enquiries under the Elective Bodies (Disqualification) Order 1959 against the ex-politicians.

1961 to 1974

The Pakistan Anti Corruption Ordinance (XX) of 1961 was promulgated on 8th September, 1961 and the West Pakistan Anti Corruption Establishment was created under Section 3 of the said Ordinance. In order to regulate the working of ACE, rules were framed in 1965 in West Pakistan, which were superseded by the Punjab Anti Corruption Establishment Rules, 1974.

1974 to 1985

Under the Rules of 1974, District, Divisional and Provincial Committees were set up to accord sanction for initiation and decision of enquiries and cases. This system proved cumbersome and time consuming in respect of seeking sanctions from concerned committees.

1985 onwards

The Anti Corruption Establishment Punjab was reorganized, making it an officer based organization for decision-making. Punjab Anti Corruption Establishment Rules, 1985 were framed in supersession of Anti Corruption Establishment Rules, 1974. Subsequently, the Punjab Anti Corruption Establishment Rules, 2014 have been promulgated and the Anti Corruption Establishment Rules, 1985 stand repealed.