The ACE command through the support and encouragement of Government of the Punjab which has taken a number of bold and innovative steps to resurrect the image of ACE with primary object to craft it as an institution accessible to all, especially to aggrieved at one end and to make a force to reckon with fraudulent / corrupt public servants and their cronies on the other. These steps both at the level of Government of the Punjab and Directorate General of Anti Corruption Punjab have improved and streamlined the working of ACE Punjab.

A number of initiatives taken during the year 2011 have re-organized the structural working and performance of this establishment. The recent report of International Transparency that Punjab is the least corrupt of the provinces has been an acknowledgment to the fact that Government of the Punjab has succeeded in achieving its objective of elimination of corruption from across the province spectrum. Previously ACE was used as tool for political victimization but with the cooperation and support of the Chief Minister Punjab this establishment is working and performing without any fear and political pressure. The achievements can be listed as:


Finalization of Anti Corruption Establishment Cases Top
After assumption of the charge of D.G ACE Punjab it was observed that ACE Cases are not being investigated as per time period laid down in ACE Rules. It took 02 to 14 years to investigate the case on account of which the challan of the cases could not be submitted in the court of law. Now the things have been changed the cases are being finalized and completed from 07 days to 06 months which has resulted ACE performance in the right direction and challans are also being submitted to the concerned courts after completion of all codal formalities.
Arrest of P.Os Top
The main cause of delay of submission of challans before the year 2010 was due to non-arrest of the proclaimed offenders, as they were not joining the investigations. As such, accused were declared P.Os through the courts. A special campaign for the arrest of accused persons was also launched in 2009, which resulted in the arrest of 1316 P.Os up to the year 2011.
 Recovery and submission of challan Top
During the year 2011, 1343 accused were arrested and 935 challans were submitted in Special Anti Corruption Courts and an amount of Rs. 7,15,60,000/- was recovered from the accused and deposited in the Anti Corruption Recovery Account. Furthermore, indirect recovery of Rs. 31,40,90,000/- was also got deposited in the head of concerned department, during the investigation in ACE Cases.
Disposal of enquiry / cases Top
During the span of year 2011, a number of 10831 enquiries were initiated, out of which 9870 were finalized. Similarly, 1966 cases were registered in ACE Police Stations and 1903 have been finalized.
Trap Raid Top
During the year 2012, 161 cases registered as a result of trap raid and accused were arrested at the spot.
Creation of new ACE Region at Sahiwal Division Top
ACE had forwarded a case to government for creation of its new office at Regional level in District Sahiwal on account of establishment of Sahiwal as Division. The request has been acceded to by the government of the Punjab and that the new office has started its functioning in the division from July 07, 2012.
Recruitment of Assistant Director (P/L) and Inspectors Top
After promulgation of ACE Service Rules 2007, the post of AD(L), AD(P), AD(T), DD(T), Inspectors etc. were advertised through PPSC. After due process the new appointees joined their assignments in the establishment hence for the first time the ACE has built its own human resource on permanent basis in the department.
 Functionong of Anti Corruption Court in  Sahiwal division Top
Prior to the creation of Sahiwal Division the work load of Districts, Sahiwal and Pakpattan was being dealt with by the court of Special Judge Anti Corruption Multan. After creation of Sahiwal as Division the general public raised demand for the establishment of AC Court in Sahiwal Division. The request has been acceded to by the government and AC Court has started its functioning in the Sahiwal Division.
Inspection of Regional Offices and ACE police stations Top
After assumption of the charge of the post of Director General ACE Punjab the need was felt to visit the regional office and police stations to monitor the performance of the offices and to know the grievances of the public at their door step. A program was designed to inspect the Regional Offices and police station of ACE. The D.G ACE Punjab was personally visited the regional offices and one of the police stations falling in the jurisdiction of concerned region once in a two month. Resultantly, during the inspection and visit of D.G ACE Punjab the stakeholder of the society approached to the D.G ACE Punjab and briefed regarding their problem being faced by them while having interaction with ACE offices. The grievances were heard by the authority and necessary orders were passed at the spot in the interest of the public and the concerned were directed to facilitate the general public in all respects and ensure that no miscarriage of justice takes place. Almost 90% police stations in the province have been inspected by the D.G ACE Punjab himself and necessary directions were passed to the concerned heads of the district for rectification of the deficiencies pointed out in the inspection reports. Resultantly, working has improved and things are in line, now.
Monthly meeting Top
In order to monitor and evaluate the performance of Regional Offices monthly meeting are regularly held with all Directors in ACE Punjab. The performance is individually reviewed by the D.G ACE Punjab and necessary orders / directions are conveyed to the regional heads for compliance. On account of which the time period in the disposal of the enquiry/cases have now been reduced as compared with previously.
Open Kachery Top
Besides holding monthly meeting and inspection of regional offices, D.G ACE Punjab also hold open Kachery to redress the grievances of public during the office hours without any intervention of time.
Effective partnership / Initiative to check & minimize Corruption and complaint rederassal Top

The D.G ACE Punjab launched a Pilot Project in District Sahiwal, ACE Multan Region on 9th December, 2011 on World Anti Corruption Day regarding effective partnership to check and minimize corruption and to launch a new procedure for making complaints and active prompt / same day response by ACE.

The partnership comprises of three stake holders, public, government departments and ACE. The policy is to reach each sub division till the level of following departments having a regular interaction with citizens at large e.g. “Revenue, Registration, Domicile Branches, TMA’s Excise, Health, C & W, Education, District Accounts and Police Departments.”

Specifically designed / worded boards have been placed at the above mentioned offices showing cell numbers of highest executive officers of the district, division and ACE officers at Province, Region and District. All complaints of demand of any bribe are to be actively addressed by conducting a raid by ACE under supervision of a Judicial Magistrate. The advantages of this initiative are as follows:

  • Direct access to these offices without visiting
  • Very cost effective and prompt working
  • No time lag and wait
  • Multiple options available to be complainants
  • Can cure administrative issues in advance of any administrative campaign
  • Continuous feedback for Administrative officers